A discursive space in which individuals and groups associate to discuss matters of mutual interest and, where possible, to reach a common judgment about them.

 – Gerard Alan Hauser – 

Welcome to The Public Sphere, which is your own arena in the infinite blogosphere. The Public Sphere is created and maintained solely for you to share your thoughts and experiences with a broader community than with your mere personal milieu. The content of The Public Sphere is not limited to textual articles composed in a serious academic manner. The Public Sphere acknowledges the creative works in a myriad of genres. 

You may write an in-depth analysis about a social phenomenon that you have recently observed, you may come up with a criticism about a book that you have recently read, you may word a poem or a short-story based on an experience of yours or some other’s, which you think you should share with others who are unknown as well as known to you. You may be interested and skilled in drawing, painting, photography, music etc. and may create your work, which you think you should share with others who are  unknown as well as known to you. In such situations, where you wish to bring your works to the attention of a broader community and to discuss about your works, your thoughts, your opinions etc., The Public Sphere is there to provide you a public forum. The Public Sphere provides you a potential domain in the cyberspace to bring your thoughts, ideas and opinions that are impregnated in your creative works, from a narrow private discourse into a wide public discourse.  

You do not need to worry about standardising your works to comply with the mainstream formality. The formality has its obvious place in many a more domain in the ubiquitous mainstream media, which is governed overtly or covertly by the dominant ideologies. The Public Sphere is mainly for the people who wish to deal with the matters of socio-political life on the move in their ordinary life. The Public Sphere is mainly for the people in the periphery of the ideological society; for the people who are marginalised in the ideological society; for the people who have no time to be full time bloggers. The Public Sphere operates to facilitate the unheard voices to be heard by many, unappreciated thoughts to be appreciated by many and the unconsidered opinions to be considered by many in the process of forming the public opinion, which in turn should guide the polity. 

One of the most detrimental problems of our contemporary society is the fact that the public opinion does not reflect the needs and aspirations of the individuals who are organised as the society. The mainstream media and the professional representative bodies in an array of decorated names have robbed the authority of the public to form a formidable and compatible public opinion. The common man’s opinions, thoughts and ideas despite the fact that how much they can be non-academic and non-scholarly, should be taken into serious consideration when shaping up the structure and function of the state. Therefore, The Public Sphere values highly and welcomes warmly the freely expressed genuine thoughts, ideas and opinions of our readers. Do not bother about the formalities to an extent that may hamper your free expression. For an instance, a technically imperfect photograph showing a still moment of an incident that you have captured on your way to work, would still generate a perfect discussion about a socio-political phenomenon as much as or more than that can be generated by a perfectly written scholarly article. “Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle” said Michelangelo, and it was well said in deed. 

Share your thoughts & experiences with others, generate a discussion, discover new perspectives and contribute to realise a better world tomorrow than what it is today. All you got to do is to send us your creative works in any genre viz. essays, poetry, short-stories, illustrations, paintings, photographs, voice-cuts, videos etc. to our inbox at publicsphere.editors@bulletmail.org and we will make sure that your valuable works will be published appropriately. Remember that we, the board of editors of The Public Sphere will always be available for assisting you in editorial tasks. When you send us your works, please be kind  enough to mention whether you would like us to optimise your work with our editorial assistance. It will be helpful, if you can specify the nature of the editorial assistance viz. layout, grammar and spellings, references, links etc. that you would like to receive.

The Public Sphere is exclusively made up of your creativity and you will be the readers as well as the writers of The Public Sphere (readers-cum-writers) who provide the material for the posts. We, as the board of editors, function as a team of administrators who take care of the order and maintenance of the site. We do not contribute to The Public Sphere with our own writings. We emphasise that the contents of the posts published here on The Public Sphere do not reflect the ideologies of the editorial board at all. Any views or opinions expressed are solely those of our readers-cum-writers and do not necessarily represent those of The Public Sphere

The Public Sphere does not intend to exercise censorship on the articles and/or comments authored by our valued readers-cum-writers. However, the board of editors reserve the right to editorial discretion in order to be utilised in exceptional circumstances. In such circumstances, the right to editorial discretion will be utilised on the consensus of the editors.  The cooperation of our valued readers-cum-writers will be highly appreciated on this issue.  

We welcome you to read the works of others’ published here on The Public Sphere, to express your thoughts, ideas and opinions about others’ works and to contribute with your own works in order to make The Public Spherea discursive space in which individuals and groups associate to discuss matters of mutual interest and, where possible, to reach a common judgment about them”. The Public Sphere is yours and you may explore and dwell on every nook and cranny of it. You may also leave your footprints as you leave it. Let us together make “a society engaged in a critical public debate”.

The Board of Editors

The Public Sphere